Ward 5 needs a representative who can work more diligently and cooperatively with all levels of government to secure the investments our neighbourhoods require.

Alex has the energy, drive, and runway to affect real change across our Ward and throughout Oshawa.

Ward 5  indeed, all of Oshawa deserves bold action, fresh ideas and a real commitment to make life more affordable for our families, Seniors and small businesses.

If elected to serve you, I will:

  • Leverage Federal and Provincial partnerships to tackle vital City priorities right now, including new affordable homes, roads, transit, and the transformation of our waterfront;
  • Lead the economic recovery that residents are counting on to make life more affordable for their families; and,
  • Represent you at the City and Regional Council tables with real advocacy experience on the issues which impact the quality of life for Ward 5 residents  renters and homeowners alike.


My plan to improve life for all Ward 5 residents is rooted in four key commitments:

Rebuilding Oshawa’s Economy

  • Keeping municipal taxes as low as possible;
  • Shape a "Ward 5-First" strategy to tackle our social housing deficit and get shovels in the ground;
  • Investing in and supporting the development of the next generation of family-affordable housing by tapping the potential for brownfield site redevelopment and long-standing vacant properties or buildings across our Ward;
  • Real support for businesses in our Ward and attracting new business investment while reducing red tape at both the City and Regional levels; and,
  • Always respecting and safeguarding residents' hard-earned Regional and City tax dollars.


Building Key Infrastructure

  • Increasing and improving public transit routes to cut commute and travel times;
  • Repairing roads and building much-needed new parking;
  • Working with contacts across all levels of government to accelerate the transformation of a recreational- and boater-friendly waterfront; and,
  • Accelerate the expansion and arrival of GO Train service into West, Central, and Southern Oshawa through to Bowmanville.


Scaling Up Public Safety

  • Helping Oshawa’s most vulnerable residents with increased support for mental health;
  • We must call for better-coordinated response across all levels of government to build new pathways to combat the opioid crisis, homelessness. We must also make the most of our local frontline experts at every step;
  • Working with local police and stakeholders to make our neighbourhoods safer. We must crack down on crime, property damage and vandalism in our Ward; and,
  • Providing the health, recreation, sport, cultural and lifestyle supports our Ward's families and Seniors require.


Building Inclusive Communities

  • Advocating for more inclusion, collaboration, and public participation for residents of all backgrounds;
  • Broaden the scope Oshawa’s festivals and events;
  • Diversify City and Regional programs to meet the growing needs of our changing Ward and rapidly expanding City;
  • Cut red tape to boost tourism; and,
  • Work with our City's colleges and universities to encourage students to call Oshawa home after graduation.


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Remember: Election Day in Oshawa is Monday, October 24, 2022.

You will cast your ballot in-person on Election Day from 10:00am to 8:00pm at any of several voting locations across Ward 3 (to be announced shortly). In-person Advance Voting opportunities will be available across Oshawa on seven (7) different dates beginning Thursday, October 6, 2022 through to Sunday, October 16, 2022.

If you wish to vote by mail from the comfort of your own home, the last day to request your mail-in ballot was September 12, 2022. If you do not receive a Vote-by-Mail package, you may only vote at an upcoming Advance Voting Location or on Election Day at the preferred poll or any poll in your home Ward. Please watch your mail for an official mailing from the City in mid- to late September.

For the latest voting information or to apply for election-related employment, please visit the City of Oshawa's website.