My sincere thanks to each of our team's selfless volunteers, your families, my donors and every supporter who hosted a sign during Ontario's 43rd general election.

Every member of our team worked tremendously hard over the past six months, during the campaign and on Election Day to 

Though we fell just short of our goal – a margin of just 747 votes or 1.8% – we'll continue to hold Oshawa's re-elected MPP to account.

I'm especially grateful to the 16,423 electors who cast a ballot in support of my candidacy.

Your trust and confidence in my team and I won't soon be forgotten.

I have every confidence that our re-elected PC government will continue to work hard and implement those policies, programs and local infrastructure funding we need to make life affordable for Oshawa's families and Seniors.

It's been a tremendous honour and a privilege to serve as Oshawa's hometown PC candidate.

On behalf of Sam, Isla and our family, I extend my very best wishes to you and your family.


Alex Down

PC Candidate of Record – Oshawa


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